Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to register in advance for group fitness classes?

No. However, group cycling classes are limited to 15 participants and an entry ticket is required. Tickets can be received at the Membership Services desk.

Where do I find the Group Fitness schedule?

Membership Service desk or at

Can I use the Group Fitness Studio when it is not being used for group fitness classes?

The Assistant Superintendent of Recreation must be contacted to request use of group fitness studio.


How do I get an exercise program set up?

To get started, call or stop by the Membership Services desk to complete a Personal Training request form.

Is there someone to show me how to use the equipment and help me get started?

Any MSA can show you how to use equipment; however, it is recommended to schedule an equipment orientation with a Personal Trainer. Information can be obtained at the Membership Services desk.

Do you offer Personal Training services?

Yes. Please visit for more information.

How many Personal Trainers do you have?



Do I need to make a reservation to use the Child Care Center?

Reservations are not required.

May I bring food for my child to eat while in Child Care?

Food is prohibited in the Child Care Center due to the allergy policy.

Do you change diapers or help with potty training?

No. A child care attendant will come get you if your child is in need of changing.

What happens if my child is upset and doesn’t want to be in Child Care?

We will allow the child to cry up 15 minutes while trying to soothe the child. If the child does not calm down we will come get you.

Can I bring in toys?

No. Toys are not permitted due to the Child Care Center safety policy.

What does my child do?

Your child will have access to several toys, games, and exercise activities. Your child will play with other children and/or the child care attendants. The TV may be on while your child is in the Child Care Center. On Fridays, 9:30-10:30 am, a special activity is always planned.

Do you have behavior guidelines?

Yes, you can read them here

Can I bring my child if sick?

No. Please read our policy.

: Are your child care attendants AED/CPR/First Aid certified?

Yes, in adult, child, and infant.


What is included in the NRC Membership?

Use of the fitness center, pool, group fitness classes, locker rooms, equipment orientation. Tennis court reservation discounts; swim and tennis program discounts.

What can I use to pay for my membership?

Cash, check, debit card, credit card

What do I need to do to cancel my NRC membership?

An adjustment form needs to be completed in person and submitted with 30 Day’s notice to the Membership Services Supervisor. Adjustment Forms can be received at the Membership Services Desk.

What if I want to change the method of payment for my membership?

Updated payment information can be brought to the Membership Services desk. Payment method will be updated at that time.

Can my membership be transferred to another person.

Yes. Please speak to a Membership Service Associate for more information.

Can my membership be transferred to a different membership type?

Yes. The difference between the memberships will either be refunded or charged.

What happens if I move during my membership?

An adjustment form will need to be completed to cancel your membership. A refund will be processed, if applicable.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes. A membership can be placed on hold for a minimum of 1 mos. up to 4 mos. with completion of an Adjustment form.

What can I do with my membership if I have a medical or financial situation?

You can place your membership on hold, cancel your membership or contact the Membership Services Supervisor to discuss other options.

Is this a contracted membership?

Yes, but can be cancelled with a 30 day’s notice.

Do you have Corporate Memberships?

Yes, please contact Membership Services Supervisor for more details.


Can I come at any time as a guest?

Yes, the appropriate daily fee will apply.

What type of footwear is allowed in Norris Recreation Center?

Sneaker, closed toe shoes.

Do you have to be a resident of St. Charles to be a member?

No, our membership rates and fees are based on School District #303 resident boundaries. Non-residents have an alternative fee than residents.

Do I have to be a member to use NRC?

A membership allows access to all amenities at any time. A daily fee will be charged to non-members to use NRC.

How old do my children need to be utilize NRC?

Open Swim – any age; Lap Swim – 12 plus; Group Fitness classes – 12 plus, Fitness Center- 12 plus (12-13 with supervision of a person 18 years plus), Mini Gym- any age (with adult 0-10), child care center- 6 mos-11 years

Can I buy a pool or tennis membership only?

No. The NRC memberships are All-Inclusive.

What are the hours of operation?

Visit for operation hours.

Can I get a free guest pass to use NRC?

Guest passes are given at membership sale.

Why are the residential boundaries different for NRC even though it is managed by SCPD?

SCPD and D303 agreed upon D303 boundaries at the time of Inter-Governmental Agreement formation.

Are there designated parking spaces for NRC members?

Yes. The parking lot directly in front of the entrance as well as any spaces marked with white lines in the parking lot to the North.

Can I leave clothing/toiletry items in lockers overnight?

No, lockers are for daily use only. Locks will be cut off if left on overnight.

Am I responsible for cleaning exercise equipment after use?

Yes. There are spray bottles throughout the facility for use. Spray directly into towel and wipe down equipment piece.

Do you have towel service?

Yes. We provide workout towels.

What social media does NRC use?

Facebook, website and email.

Do you participate in any health insurance wellness benefit programs?

Not currently.


What is the temperature of the pool?

Air and pool temperature is set around 80 degrees.

Where do I find information on Aquatics?

How large is the pool?

50 meter pool when long course; 25 yard pool when bulk heads are in place.


What is your court rental fee?

$18.00 per court per hour. NRC membership benefit includes Free Court time at scheduled times.

Do you offer private tennis lessons?

Yes. Please visit for lesson structure and fees.

Do you provide tennis balls for court reservations?

No. A can of tennis balls may be purchased for $3.00.

Do you have any tennis leagues?

Yes. Northern Illinois Traveling Tennis League (women only) and USTA

Do I need a NRC membership to play tennis?

No. Court and daily fees will apply.

How many tennis courts does NRC have?


Do you have a ball machine?

Yes. $10 rental per hour.

How may Tennis Professionals do you have?


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