Junior Group Tennis Programs

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Tennis offers benefits for children including building social relationships, developing confidence and experiencing the concept of competition in a low-pressure setting. Children will learn new skills, build a positive teamwork frame and gain the health benefits of being active. Each group of participants will be divided based on age and skill level.

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Hot Shots  •  Ages 4-6 - Learn basic tennis fundamentals while playing various fun tennis games. Work on developing hand-eye coordination and basic movement skills. Using age-appropriate tennis equipment, a tennis professional will help you become comfortable and familiar with the different parts of the tennis court.

Stars  •  Ages 6-8 - For new tennis players or those already introduced to the sport. Work on hand-eye coordination to improve basic tennis skills and learn techniques on tracking the ball from farther distances. As you become more comfortable with your skills, movement levels will be increased and tennis stroke development will be incorporated.

Superstars  •  Ages 7-10 - Review basic skills, learn serving techniques and be exposed to scoring. Ball tracking will develop as you learn more diverse types of shots. Drills will be introduced and you will begin to rally with others. No previous tennis experience required.

Challengers  •  Ages 8-12 - A basic understanding of tennis and beginner skills are required. A tennis professional will help to improve your skills with game-like drills from the other side of the net. Learn and develop more side-to-side, forward and volleying movement skills. Scoring will be emphasized while instructors add live play situations.

Challengers PLUS  •  Ages 8-12 - Designed to introduce younger advanced players to more consistent point play, development of the serve, a thorough introduction into playing a match and keeping track of the match score. Participants should be able to maintain a 4+ ball rally and have a moderate sense for proper swing techniques.

Middle School/High School Beginners  •  Ages 11-18 - Learn basic game fundamentals, including rules and scoring, while developing, improving and expanding tennis skills.

Tournament Training** - Prepare for tennis at the high school level. Work on stroke production, strategy, styles of play and compete in situational games and match play. A tennis pro will help develop game strategies and placement of shots including adding spin to the game and a variety of other shot techniques. 

Advanced Tournament Training** - Designed for layers entering or enrolled in high school. Work on competitive drilling, advanced techniques, adding spin to more shots and agility/extra movement. Supervised match play, doubles play and specific details of doubles strategy will be emphasized.



**Requires Tennis Pro evaluation and approval. Please call to schedule your evaluation time.


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